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Friday, 09 November 2007

Mediation as a strategy of pacific resolution and dialogue to resolve conflicts seems to be a strategy easy to use, quite efficient in the teaching area when trying to reduce the levels of violence at school.
Its contribution to improve the educational climate, the coexistence between persons and to diminish the levels of conflict, show that mediation is a powerful educational tool, not only to solve conflicts, but also and more important, to prevent its appearance.
The systematic process of mediation represents an element of transformation of the persons who voluntarily use it, when looking for a solution to a conflict. Its quality as an educational element is clearly backed by numerous papers over the world.
The realisation of mediation projects in schools implies the training of the entire educational community, students, teachers and families, to learn skills of communication and of dialogue to resolve conflicts, finding a new view of the conflict, in a positive way, as an element to learn and to improve first oneself and second the institution as a whole.
The project will try to promote the creation of teams of mediation and conflict resolution in the schools participating, through the training in mediation of the persons participating in each centre.
The project is part of a larger project Comenius 3 ESSP (European Safer School Partnership), whose main objective is to put into practice a theoretical program on school violence named VISTA ( in which 12 European countries are working at the moment, trying to adapt it to the specifities of every educational context.
All this project is coordinated in Internet through , using specific spaces such as forum, chat, virtual class, news…